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Technology in office includes:



Cold Lasers are used as an adjunctive safe, FDA approved treatment for patients undergoing TMJ therapy who are experiencing acute pain and/or inflammation.   It is a Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in the red to infrared range which is used to reduce pain and inflammation as well as stimulate the healing and repair of soft tissue in and around the joint.  As the name applies, it does not produce heat as conventional lasers used to cut and remodel tissues.  Treatment is painless and takes about 10 minutes.   It is usually applied two or more times per week until symptoms ease.



I-CAT Cone Beam 3-D Dental Imaging System
3-Dimensional diagnostic imaging allows Dr. Chomiak and Dr. Augusty to view the jaws, TMJ and individual teeth in 3 dimensions as opposed to the two dimensional images we get with conventional x-rays.  This information can be extremely important in the placement of implants, extraction of teeth, TMJ diagnosis, root canal therapy, orthodontics, orthopedics, sleep apnea airway diagnostics and the diagnosis of fractures and other oral and facial pathologies.
State of the art digital CT-Scans produce little radiation, take under 20 seconds, are done in a comfortable open setting and allows the doctors to see your results within three minutes.  The result is more precise diagnosis and treatment resulting in a higher quality of dentistry



State of the art digital radiographs provide the doctors with almost instantaneous images of the teeth and adjacent areas being diagnosed.  They expose the patient to nearly 80% less radiation than standard x-rays and they can be displayed on a large screen with detailed viewing options for both the doctors and the patient.



Chomiak Dental utilizes both conventional pneumatic (air driven) hand pieces as well as the more recently developed electric hand pieces.  Electric hand pieces exhibit more torque which translates into a smoother and faster drilling experience for the patient resulting in less time in the dental chair.  Electric hand pieces also allow the doctor to control the precise speed and torque making it applicable in various procedures such as root canals, implant placement, oral surgery as well as general tooth preparation.  The pneumatic, or air driven hand pieces are still utilized depending on which technology best serves your needs.



The endodontic apex locator is another advancement in root canal therapy which allows Dr. Chomiak and Dr. Augusty to quickly and accurately measure the length of each root canal. This technology expedites treatment making an often dreaded procedure quick and easy.



Here at Chomiak Dental we utilize the Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser, which is one of the first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode lasers available in the United States. This state-of-the-art technology can be used in the treatment of multiple periodontal (gum) procedures such as gingivectomies, frenectomies, periodontal pocket curettage, tissue and tooth disinfection, lesion removal, and ulcer ablation.  It allows for fast, smooth cutting with minimum bleeding resulting in less post op discomfort.



The Hard Tissue Laser employed by Chomiak Dental uses a patented technology that combines laser energy and a spray of water (a process called HydroPhotonics). It allows Dr. Chomiak to perform a wide range of dental procedures more comfortably than traditional tools which generate the heat, vibration and pressure most associated with dental pain. The  accuracy and precision of this laser, which can be used in decay removal, cavity preparation, root canals, smile design, gum procedures and bone surgeries, means fewer shots, less anesthesia, less bleeding, less post-op swelling and reduced anxiety for you. An additional benefit of this laser is reduced trauma to surrounding and healthy dental structures. 



The intraoral camera is an amazing diagnostic tool that allows Dr. Chomiak and Dr. Augusty to view different angles in the mouth that would have been impossible just a few years ago. The camera gives  the doctors the ability to view the entire mouth on a monitor and allows you to view exactly what the doctors are seeing. 



The Itero Scanner can replace those messy, gagging impression materials placed in trays which were previously used to create dental models. Using the Itero Scanner, Chomiak Dental is able to digitally capture your impressions for modeling, crowns, orthodontics, Invisalign, appliances and nightguards and transfer this information directly to the lab within minutes minimizing laboratory turnover time.



The J-5 is a low frequency transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) unit used to treat and diagnose neuromuscular disorders as they relate to craniofacial pain and temporomandibular Joint disorders. TENS therapy delivers a mild electronic impulse through the nerves that control the masticatory and facial muscles. The rhythmic pulsing relaxes the muscles and allows our staff to determine the correct relation of the mandible to the cranium. It also relieves pain and trismus of the muscles of the face caused by spasms and tension. 



JVA is a simple and quick sonographic (sound detecting) testing device which provides a general diagnosis of a healthy or damaged temporomandibular joint . It is an excellent tool to screen for TMJ pathology and provides our staff with detailed information about your joint.



The K-7 is a sophisticated computerized device used in neuromuscular diagnostics of the temporomandibular joint. It measures 3 important parameters:

1. EMG:  evaluates related activity of the involved muscles for the head, neck and chewing muscles for locating muscle dystonia and painful trigger points. This is good for tracking progress as it allows the patient and doctor to follow the progression of the muscles returning to their normal healthy status during treatment.

2. JAW TRACKING:  computerized magnetic jaw tracking which allows the doctor to examine the movement of the jaw in 3 dimensions over time.

3. SONOGRAPHY OF THE TMJ: provides a fingerprint of the joint pathology and progression.



The Osstell allows Dr. Chomiak to take the guesswork out of determining when a dental implant is ready for restoration. This tool allows Dr. Chomiak to test the osseointegration stability of the implant to assure that it is ready for the restorative phase. Because all patients heal at different rates, this technology insures that your particular implant is strong enough to support its given function for long term reliability.



A Panorex is a two dimensional x-ray unit capable of capturing your entire facial region particularly the upper and lower jaws without placing any sensors within the mouth making it a comfortable experience, particularly for those who gag easy. It is useful in diagnosing pathologies involving the teeth, bone and periodontium (gums). Every patient is recommended to have a panorex taken at least once every three years as a base line for their dental condition. Things we look for are infections, asymmetries, tumors, impacted teeth, periodontal changes (changes in bone height around the teeth) as well as unrelated pathologies such as early signs of carotid artery blockage. A base line panorex is also what authorities request for forensic identification like a finger print.



Rotary Endodontics is a specialized technique Chomiak Dental uses in performing root canals, the process by which the nerves of teeth are removed from the roots, usually to eliminate the pain associated with an infection. Rotary instrumentation allows the files used to clean the canals to be placed into an electric hand piece where the torque and speed of instrumentation can be finely controlled as opposed to the old technique of hand filing.  This technique is smoother, quicker and pain free as opposed to the older endodontic techniques. This technique revolutionizes the root canal experience.



During Conscious Sedation procedures, Chomiak Dental will utilize state-of-the art equipment to continuously monitor your vital signs, ensuring your comfort and safety.  Your blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, respirations, temperature and in some cases your EKG will be monitored. Dr. Chomiak may also choose to incorporate a Bluetooth pre-cordial stethoscope to directly listen to your breathing, airway clearance and heartbeat.



The TEKscan is a computerized diagnostic tool Chomiak Dental uses to evaluate a your bite. It allows Dr. Chomiak and Dr. Augusty to perfectly balance your oclussion (tooth contacts) by precisely displayng bite contact forces and positions in time utilizing special sensors and a computer. It can be used to identify premature damaging contacts and high areas of force on the teeth which can be damaging to the teeth, periodontium and the temporomandibular joint.  It is particularly useful in a technique known as DTR (disclussion time reduction) used in TMD patients.



Velscope is a sophisticated technology Dr. Chomiak and Dr. Augusty employ in screening for oral cancer for those patients who have a family history or a concern about early detection. The Velscope uses a harmless blue light that helps to identify diseased tissue deep below the surface long before it’s visible to the naked eye. Early detection of oral cancers can lead to an 80% chance of a complete cure.  



Dr. Chomiak uses the Specialized Versah Drill System in his implant procedures, as it expands and condenses bone during placement which helps to preserve your own bone allowing for stronger placement. Conventional implant burs remove good bone during placement, our drills allow Dr. Chomiak to place implants in areas which once would have been considered too narrow for placement without a bone graft.

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