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Oral Surgery


At Chomiak Dental we do all surgical procedures performed within the mouth and lips. Facial surgeries involving facial bones and structures are reserved for maxillofacial surgeons and plastic surgeons. Patients usually associate the term “surgery” with pain and suffering. At Chomiak Dental our goal is to change that perception. All surgeries are performed within the office under local anesthesia with or without oral sedation as a simple outpatient procedure. We strive to make your experience simple and pain free.


When a tooth fractures or decay penetrates the living part of the tooth, the tooth must be saved by means of a root canal or removed. The removal of such damaged teeth, or roots broken below the gum line are referred to as extractions. Our goal is to remove these teeth as smoothly as possible to avoid any trauma or damage to the surrounding boney structures to allow for the option of dental implant placement and/or future esthetics. “Physics Forceps” are a recent addition of new technology which helps us to remove teeth effortlessly.


When to consider extracting Wisdom Teeth:

For most people, the best treatment for wisdom teeth is to remove them if they are trying to break through, are erupting at an angle or have decay. This treatment helps prevent future dental problems and maintain a healthy mouth and smile.

Your last molars, called the third molars or wisdom teeth, typically begin to come in (erupt) during the late teens or early twenties. If there is enough room for complete eruption and they are accessible for easy cleaning, they can be maintained.

What are impacted Wisdom Teeth and when should they be extracted?

If there is not enough room for them to grow in properly, they are considered impacted. Teeth that are deeply impacted that are causing no symptoms may remain indefinitely as part of the bone. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause serious problems when:

  •  the tooth is partially erupted and runs out of room. This is referred to as partial impaction. A very painful infection, called pericoronitis, can result around the wisdom tooth and the surrounding gums. This infection can spread into the face and jaw.
  • a wisdom tooth tries to erupt at an angle and causes decay in the neighboring tooth. This happens because wisdom teeth are nearly impossible to keep free of plaque, and the area between the two teeth becomes a trap for the bacteria in plaque that cause tooth decay.
  • the additional bacteria found in plaque accumulate around the tooth causing periodontal (gum) disease, which may start near the wisdom teeth and spread throughout the mouth.
  • a completely impacted wisdom tooth becomes symptomatic developing a fluid-filled sac around it called a cyst. A cyst can destroy a great deal of bone in the jaw before it’s noticed.

Diagnosis and Treatment:

To determine if extracting wisdom teeth is right for your situation, we’ll do a thorough examination, which typically includes x-rays. 

Developing wisdom teeth should be evaluated with x-rays. If it doesn’t appear that there is going to be enough room, it is often better to remove wisdom teeth early, while their roots are still small, even before the teeth have come in through the gums. This allows for easier removal, fewer complications, and faster healing.

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