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Orthodontic and/or Orthopedic treatment may be necessary when the teeth are misaligned, or their jaw structures do not fit together properly.

Orthodontics is the straightening of misaligned or crooked teeth (malocclusions). With straight teeth comes a beautiful smile that elicits confidence. Crooked teeth can detract from one’s appearance, can cause speech problems, are more at risk for premature wear, chipping and cracking. Crowding also can lead to the inability to properly clean your teeth which can subsequently cause increased tooth decay, periodontal (gum disease) and early tooth loss. Misaligned teeth can also cause excessive stress on the temporomandibular joint, and the chewing muscles. This can lead to popping and clicking of the jaws, headaches, migraines, ear, neck and shoulder pain. The benefits of orthodontic treatment include a healthier mouth, a more pleasing appearance, and teeth that are more likely to last a lifetime.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment at Chomiak Dental Include:



1. Conventional Straight Wire Metal Brackets including “Self-Ligating Brackets”

2. Ceramic Clear Brackets

3. Invisalign Clear Tray Aligners

Orthopedics is the use of fixed and removable appliances in children, young adults and to some extent adults, to remodel and redirect the growth patterns of the bones of the upper and lower jaws. This allows us to produce ideal boney relationships and facial profiles in most cases without the use of surgery when the jaw structures do not fit together properly. Orthopedics is usually used in conjunction with conventional orthodontics or prior to Invisalign.

Orthopedics can be used to help correct the following conditions:

1. Class II retrognathic bite – smaller lower jaw leading to a “bird like” appearance

2. Class III prognathic bite – protruding lower jaw leading to a “bulldog” Appearance

3. Cross bites where the lower teeth are positioned outside the upper teeth.

4. Open Bites where there is an open space between the front teeth which can be related to a thumb sucking or other habits or a tongue thrust.

5. Narrow palate- can cause cross bites, airway or breathing disorders, and sleep apnea and related symptoms in children

6. Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD) sometimes require the use of orthopedic appliances in conjunction with neuromuscular orthotics and orthodontics to stabilize the movement of the jaw and the TM Joint supporting it.

Why Choose Chomiak Dental for your Orthodontic Care?

At Chomiak Dental our goal is not to merely give you a beautiful smile you can be proud of, but to provide a functionally balanced bite which will provide a lifetime of painless enjoyment. Many patients undergo orthodontic treatment yet still develop joint symptoms despite having fine esthetic results. All our orthodontic patients are corrected into a stabilized neuromuscular position and their bite balanced to provide stability of the joint and muscles as part of their treatment. This minimizes the incidence of joint disease (TMD) as the patient ages throughout their life.

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