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Chomiak Dental Associates | What Can Cause TMD? in Connellsville


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What Can Cause TMD?

Chomiak Dental Associates in Connellsville PA

TMD is usually the result of the condyle (lower jaw in the joint) being forced upward and backward causing the displacement of the protective cushion (disc) to slide forward out of place. When this occurs, the ligaments holding the disc are stretched compromising the ability of the disc to reposition itself back into its normal position to protect and cushion the joint. 

When the condyle is positioned up and back in the joint, it compresses a very intricate bundle of nerves and blood vessels along the back wall of the joint which can lead to a host of referred neurological issues affecting the head and neck as listed above.  It is estimated that 38% of the nerve impulses going to the brain pass through the trigeminal ganglion associated with the TMJ. The Trigeminal nerve is very closely related to the Facial, Hypoglossal, and Vagus Nerves, which control almost all sensation and function of your head and neck. This explains why correcting the compression of these nerves in the posterior portion of the joint which decreases the neural input into the trigeminal complex can relieve so many diverse symptoms. The Trigeminal Ganglion also controls the constriction and dilatation to almost all vessels of the brain.  When noxious stimuli are sent from the TMJ to the Trigeminal Complex, a myriad of neurotransmitters are sent to the brain which can lead to vascular dilatation and headaches, more specifically Migraine headaches.

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