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Chomiak Dental Associates | Do I have TMD? in Connellsville


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Do I have TMD?                    


Patients with TMJ problems can have one or many of the following symptoms as a result:

  1. Clicking, popping or grating sounds when opening and closing the mouth
  2. Locking of the jaw when opening
  3. Limited jaw opening
  4. Migraines, headaches, facial pain, or neck pain
  5. Pain  or swelling around the joint near the front of the ear
  6. Facial twitching, dizziness
  7. Unexplained earaches (not related to infection), congestion, or ringing in the ears
  8. Pain or tiredness in the jaw muscles
  9. Difficulty swallowing
  10. Poor forward posturing of the head
  11. Grinding of the teeth, or sensitivity of the teeth
  12. Blurring of the vision or pain behind the eyes
  13. Problems with airway patency or sleep apnea
  14. Neck or shoulder pain
  15. Misdiagnosis of Fibromyalgia
  16. Vertigo or dizziness


Patients who have been experiencing any of these symptoms and have been unable to find an answer should consult a TMD, Craniofacial Pain Specialist.

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